Outstanding Links: 08 Old Testament

Arch ImageOver the next few days, I want to share a few remarkable websites that are accessible at no cost to the public and are related to the types of topics in which CECS specializes. The links provided are active, so merely click to enter. A few lines of text describe each site in order to assist users navigate the content. These have taken several months to accumulate and are the result of evaluating numerous contributions that are currently maintained under the auspices of universities, organizations, foundations, and outstanding scholars.


This blog espouses a Christian perspective on the Old Testament as well as current events; its host is Dr. Claude Mariottini, professor of Old Testament, Northern Baptist Seminary. It was launched August 2005 and has since maintained superb scholarship. The site contains a rich archive, book reviews, books for download, and scholarly blog. The scrolling format is easy to navigate and is intuitive.


The “New English Translation of the Septuagint” is an electronic edition of the Greek edition of the Hebrew Bible. Its objective is a new edition of a corrected text as the work of numerous scholars in the field. Albert Pietersma, professor of Septuagint and Hellenistic Greek, University of Toronto, and Benjamin G. Wright, distinguished professor at Lehigh University, are the editors of the remarkable accomplishment.


“Serving the Word” is the blog of Seth L. Sanders, associate professor in the Religion Department of Trinity College, Hartford, CT. It was founded in December 2004 and focuses on the Hebrew Bible and related matters of antiquity, with emphasis on the problems of philology and linguistic anthropology. The posts are well written and unique, and the navigation is simple with a descending archive.