Outstanding Links: 10 Blogs and Web Pages (1)

Arch ImageOver the ensuing days, I want to share a few additional websites that are accessible at no cost to the public and are related to the types of topics in which CECS specializes. The links provided are active, so merely click to enter. A few lines of text describe each site in order to assist users navigate the content. These have taken several months to accumulate and are the result of evaluating numerous contributions that are currently maintained under the auspices of universities, organizations, foundations, and outstanding scholars.


N. T. Wright is a prominent New Testament scholar who served as Bishop of Durham (2003-2010) as well as professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews. His blog enables access to articles, sermons, orations, audio and video lessons, book reviews and excerpts, interviews, and translations. Click the title of each article to access the full document, and begin with “Recent Posts.”


PaleoJudaica.com is a blog about ancient Jewish history and literature covering the beginning of the Second Temple Period to the rise of Islam. James R. Davila, professor of early Jewish studies at the University of St. Andrews, launched it in 2003. It covers Dead Sea Scrolls, Jewish Pseudepigrapha, Josephus, Philo, Mishnah, Tosefta, Talmuds, Midrash, Targumin, and so on.


XKV8R is the official blog of Robert Raymond Cargill, assistant professor of classics and religious studies at the University of Iowa. He specializes in biblical and classical studies as well as archaeology. Begin with “About Dr. Cargill.” All entries are on a single scrolling page, rather than an archive, and it contains personal data, but nonetheless, it filled with fascinating information. The first post: November 5, 2008.


This is the academic blog of Mark Goodacre, professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at Duke University in the Religious Studies Department. His thorough academic career is posted here: http://markgoodacre.org, his homepage. This is one of the finest blogs related to biblical studies and history on the Internet. Dr. Goodacre is the driving force of the NT Gateway website; Logos Software hosts it. Begin scrolling.


This is the academic blog of Ken M. Penner, assistant professor of religious studies, St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia. It contains books, papers, talks, book reviews, research, and even drafts of literature that Dr. Penner has published and made downloadable in pdf format. For more sites like this, click “Religion and Technology” in the upper banner; blogs from numerous scholars are listed according to subject matter.