Outstanding Links: 11 Gospels, Jesus, and Paul

Arch ImageOver the ensuing days, I want to share a few additional websites that are accessible at no cost to the public and are related to the types of topics in which CECS specializes. The links provided are active, so merely click to enter. A few lines of text describe each site in order to assist users navigate the content. These have taken several months to accumulate and are the result of evaluating numerous contributions that are currently maintained under the auspices of universities, organizations, foundations, and outstanding scholars.


Synoptic Gospels Primer is dedicated to the Synoptic Problem, a site that Mahlon Smith, associate professor in the Department of Religion at Rutgers University, hosts. The navigation is intuitive and the site contains extensive research. A quick glance at the index a good place to start, since it contains numerous introductory articles from various prominent scholars in the fields of gospel and patristic studies.


“The Jewish Roman World of Jesus” is the research of James D. Tabor, professor of Christian origins and ancient Judaism in the Department of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina, at Charlotte. Most articles are thorough, represent a variety of perspectives, and include archaeological and contemporary content, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hellenism, Roman religion, and apocalypticism.


Mark M. Mattison, an independent scholar, founded “The Paul Page” in 1999. It was initially designed as a personal website, but in 2009 he entered into a partnership with Logos Bible Software. Today an editorial board is responsible for all content. Its best feature is the numerous articles and book reviews that are linked throughout the site. Begin browsing with the page entitled, “The New Perspective on Paul.”